The BLUE MED Functional Airspace Block was established with the signing of the State Level Agreement in Cyprus on 12 October 2012 by representatives of the Member States of Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta.

In the BLUE MED FAB Implementation Programme document are contained all the operational and technical implementations which the four BLUE MED States intend to deploy, as well as a number of other activities having the scope of improving the capacity, efficiency, safety and harmonisation on a FAB-wide basis and the reduction of environmental impact.

The major projects include Free Route Operations, ATFCM and Cross-border optimisation, Air Ground Data-Link Coordinated Deployment, IP Network Implementation, PBN Implementation and Complementary OLDI Messages implementation.

Other activities, some of which have to be implemented to meet SES requirements, include Aeronautical Data Quality, a Surveillance Maintenance Plan, the ATM System upgrade. In addition, a number of initiatives in the Safety Domain, in Human Resources and Performance Planning are constantly being undertaken.

All these initiatives have the objective of achieving the capacity, safety, efficiency, economic performance and environmental benefits that the European Commission expects from the implementation of the Single European Sky.

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