BLUEGNSS latest position: 40°24′59″ N - 3°42′09″ W!
On March 6, at the World ATM Congress in Madrid, introduced by Carmen Aguilera from GSA, Patrizio Vanni, BLUEGNSS Project Coordinator, presented the latest updates about the project and the...
Italy GNSS validation activities
BLUEGNSS project has a great start in 2018. On 4th January, 3 new GNSS procedures have been successfully validated for Lamezia, Parma and Cuneo airports in Italy. Up today 12 GNSS procedures have...
Greece GNSS validation activities completed
On the 17 of October the two last GNSS procedures for Greece have been successfully validated by ENAV on Thessalonikki and Mitilini airports. With the completion of these activities, Greece...
Greece GNSS procedures validation activities
In the framework of Greece validation activities, BLUEGNSS project has completed an important task for EGNOS adoption with the validation of GNSS approaches (based on EGNOS and GPS) over Ioannina...
Regional GNSS monitoring infrastructure
In the framework of the BLUEGNSS Project, IDS is in charge of deploying the regional GNSS monitoring infrastructure throughout the BLUE MED area. At the end of June 2017, in collaboration with...
A positive mood at the latest BLUEGNSS meetings!
At the end of March and beginning of April two important technical meetings were held at HCAA premises in Glyfada, Greece. These meetings were organized in the framework of WP400 “Greece RNP...
BLUEGNSS workshop on GNSS procedure design
The 19 and 20 of December 2016, ENAV organized and hosted a workshop on RNP approach design criteria with HCAA and DCAC. The activities focused on the GNSS procedure design for Ioannina (LGIO)...
Flight Inspection Team validated GNSS approaches for RWY 13 and 31 of LMML
In the framework of BLUEGNSS WP600 activities lead by ENAV with the support of MATS, Flight Inspection Team validated GNSS approaches for runway 13 and 31 of Malta International Airport. The...
BLUEGNSS Project: Advanced PANS OPS Course
In the context of BLUEGNSS, the advanced PANS OPS course was delivered in Rome from 4 to 19 April by ENAV Airspace Design Department instructors in close coordination with ENAV Academy. The...
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