BLUE MED FAB Technical Initiatives

BLUE MED (BM) FAB Implementation Programme includes the following technical initiatives:

  • Air Ground Data Link (AGDL): following the provisions contained within the Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009 on Data Link services, to monitor and coordinate the AGDL implementation within the BM FAB as well as to cooperate on relevant technical and operational issues.
  • IP Network (full migration to IPv6): according to the relevant Commission regulatory framework, to harmonise and monitor the migration to IPv6 network within the BM FAB States as well as to cooperate on relevant technical issues.
  • Complementary OLDI messages: to monitor the deployment of Complementary OLDI messages by the BM Partners.
  • Radar sensor data exchange SLA and Surveillance Maintenance Plan: to perform, in line with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011, a coordinated update of current Service Level Agreement (SLA) as well as to establish a FAB-coordinated Radar Maintenance Plan with the aim to share and minimize the downstream effects of the maintenance on operations.
  • ATM System Upgrade and SESAR Programme: to establish, at FAB level, a common strategy for the ATM System developments and to ensure proper information and alignment between SESAR and BM activities.
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