Welcome Speech

Dear friends,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the BLUE MED FAB website, your window into our work and targets for the realization of the Single European Sky to this particular part of our Continent, the Eastern Mediterranean Area.

BLUE MED is one of the leading FABs initiative, which has successfully passed through the preparatory phases and brought forward its State Level Agreement into the signature process by the Air Transport Ministers of its Member States in October 2012 in Limassol, Cyprus. Since then the FAB has started its real life by producing tangible results.

Our cooperation based on trust and mutual respect is always exercised through our basic mode of operation, consensus.
Due to its vast size, complexity and geographical location, being at the crossroads of three (3) Continents, BLUE MED has the unique potential to extend the application of the SES to non-EU partners aiming for a safer, efficient and seamless traffic operation.

Welcome to the BLUE MED airspace and have a pleasant and safe journey!

BLUE MED Governing Board members

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