BLUE MED FAB Safety initiatives

The overriding safety objective of the BLUE MED (BM) FAB is to ensure that current safety performance is maintained and, in so far as practicable, improved.

To this aim, the BM FAB safety priority area includes all the activities undertaken at FAB level relevant to safety management and oversight.
The work is organised in 3 main areas, in which the following activities are foreseen:


Area 1: Safety Policy and Organisation

The aim is to set up a FAB Safety Working Group and to update the FAB Safety Policy. This objective has already been met.


Area 2: Safety Management

The work here focuses in four areas:

  • The harmonisation of FAB safety occurrence reporting and investigation;
  • The elaboration of safety assessment process for FAB wide changes, starting with a common definition of “what is a functional ATM change”;
  • The elaboration of a FAB safety performance monitoring processes, in compliance with the obligations stemming from the FAB Performance Plan;
  • Increasing the efficiency in safety management through sharing, synergies and cooperation.


Area 3: Safety Oversight

This work is carried out by the BLUE MED FAB NSA Committee and aims towards a harmonized approach to safety oversight through sharing of knowledge and resources and enhanced cooperation.

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