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A positive mood at the latest BLUEGNSS meetings!
At the end of March and beginning of April two important technical meetings were held at HCAA premises in Glyfada, Greece. These meetings were organized in the framework of WP400 “Greece RNP...
Great participation in the 8 BLUE MED FAB Social Dialogue meeting
There was widespread participation in the BLUE MED FAB Social Dialogue meeting held in Athens on April 7th and numerous questions were addressed to the BLUE MED ANSPC (Air Navigation Service...
The 2nd BLUE MED FAB Airspace Users meeting was successfully held in Athens
On April 6th 2017, in  Athens, kindly hosted by HANSP (the Hellenic Air Navigation Service Provider), the second ‘BLUE MED FAB Airspace Users meeting’ took place, leaving all...
The BLUE MED FAB Flight Efficiency Plan 2016 is out!
The second issue of the BLUE MED FAB Flight Efficiency Plan (FEP) has been released. Over the last year we have continued working on Flight Efficiency in order to maximize the improvements...
BLUEGNSS workshop on GNSS procedure design
The 19 and 20 of December 2016, ENAV organized and hosted a workshop on RNP approach design criteria with HCAA and DCAC. The activities focused on the GNSS procedure design for Ioannina (LGIO)...
Free Route Airspace within the BLUE MED FAB: ready!
Free Route Airspace will be implemented within the BLUE MED Functional Airspace Block by ENAV and MATS simultaneously as from the 8th of December 2016. It is a major airspace project jointly...
BLUE MED FAB participated in the EC FAB Study Workshop in Brussels.
On the 29th of November 2016, the nine FAB initiatives met in Brussels to participate in the final ‘FAB Study Workshop’, a study launched in July by the European Commission. Mr...
BLUE MED FAB Governing Board met in Cyprus for assessing and boosting all the FAB’s activities
On the 4th of November 2016  the BLUE MED FAB Governing Board Members met in Cyprus to sum up the FAB’s performances for the current year to date and to lay the bases for the future...
BLUE MED FAB: amazing till the end of Summer 2016
On the 3rd of November 2016, in Nicosia (Cyprus), the BLUE MED ANSP Committee met both to take stock of Summer 2016 performances and to reflect on the future steps to be undertaken. As the...
BLUE MED FAB stays on the crest of the wave of good performance also in September
The BLUE MED FAB stays on the crest of the wave of good performance also in the remnants of this extraordinary Summer! In the month of September 2016, when all the BLUE MED States were...
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