The InterFAB study on ‘Cost of delays’ to be presented at SOAR 2021


On February 5 2021, at the 2nd Symposium on Aviation Research, Giuseppe Gangemi (ENAV Head of Operations Performance Analysis Unit) will present the paper on Cost of delays - Calculating the total cost per minute of delay in Europe calls for different approaches - written together with Matthias Whittome, InterFAB Coordinator, DFS.
The study, started and conducted in the INTER-FAB Performance domain, shows that the computation of the cost of delay could be more precise than it is currently done. Whereas in official publications and in political decision-making the cost of delay (an important indicator in the performance and charging scheme) is narrowed down to multiplying ATFM delay with its average cost value per minute (currently 102 euros per minute), the first part of the study shows that calculating the cost of delay with ranges or a set of functions and considering the strategic cost of delay which gets compensated, the resulting data would be more accurate. The results of the second part of the study show that some of the ATFM delays may be compensated at the end of a flight. Such results reveal the potentiality of an investigation in this field.
To register please send an email to symposium.soar@gmail.com

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