IFACTA Just Culture Conference


Last May 11th, the JUST CULTURE Conference organized by IFACTA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations) was held in Athens, with some members of the Safety Work Group of the BLUE MED FAB among the participants.

In addition to the usual awareness raising intentions around Just Culture (whereby - excluding cases of gross negligence, intentional infractions and tortious actions - "frontline operators or other persons are not sanctioned for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them on the basis of their experience and training."), a discussion on the "BLUE MED FAB Just Culture Declaration" was on the agenda.

The document was signed last July 8th, 2021, by representatives of the BLUE MED FAB Member States, together with the FAB’s ANSP Directors and high-level representatives of the international organizations ATCEUC, ETF and IFATSEA, but without having IFACTA itself on board - by their explicit choice.

Nearly a year later, firmly believing that anyone operating in the so-called controlled risk areas should be aware of and investigate mishaps also through the development of a culture capable of encouraging the free reporting of occurrences, IFACTA and the BLUE MED FAB, taking advantage of the event, chose to relaunch a kind of cooperation on the BLUE MED FAB Just Culture Declaration. 

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