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ANSP Cooperation Agreement signed by DANUBE FAB and BLUE MED FAB aims towards the optimisation of air traffic management (ATM) in the region
An agreement at ANSP level between BLUE MED FAB and DANUBE FAB was signed in October 2014 by the Co-Chairmen of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board and the Chairman of the BLUE MED ANSP Committee with the...
ANSP cooperation agreement signed by FAB CE and BLUE MED FAB
Cooperation between the air navigation service providers of two functional air space blocks aims towards the optimisation of air traffic management in the region A cooperation agreement was...
Regional cooperation: BLUE MED and the EUROMED Project
The EUROMED Programme and the BLUE MED Functional Airspace Block (FAB) project have wide commonalities in their objective of interfacing national and regional air navigation networks and in their...
The BLUE MED FAB Member States met in Brussels to reaffirm their commitment to comply with the Single European Sky Legislation
The BLUE MED Functional Airspace Block (FAB) Member States representatives met in Brussels on the occasion of the Eurocontrol Provisional Council Meeting, to verify the progress of the...
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