BLUE MED FAB Operational Initiatives

BLUE MED (BM) FAB Operational working area comprises the following initiatives:

  • Route Network Catalogue and Free Route: to update the BM Route Network Catalogue initially developed within the BM Definition Phase and to implement Free Route operations in all its stages within the BM airspace, from the implementation of night DCTs, up to more ambitious Free Route scenarios.
  • Flight Efficiency Plan (FEP): to manage and report on BM FEP - a multi-year action plan developed by BM ANSPs that, by optimizing the structure of ATM network, allows for a reduction in flight time, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by aircrafts.
  • Cross-border optimisation and LoA standardization: to perform an updated survey of current procedures applied at the border (radar separation at transfer of control, operational procedures, etc.) as well as to define, in compliance with the Common Format 4.0 requirements, a single BM format for Letter of Agreement (initially at ACC level), final aim is to gradually converge to harmonised BM standards.
  • PBN Implementation Roadmap: to identify a BM PBN implementation policy as well as to achieve through coordination the planned number of RNP Approach Procedures with APV for the BM FAB Countries.
  • ATFCM optimisation: to improve the ATFCM coordination within the BM FAB, including the implementation of STAM measures and other ATFCM coordination initiatives (Identification of an FMP coordination process).
  • Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ): to implement in an harmonised manner the provisions contained within the Commission Regulation (EU) No 73/2010 on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information.
  • Airport CDM (A-CDM): as an opportunity to cooperate on technical and operational aspects related to A-CDM implementation
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