The BLUE MED FAB participated in 4 INTERFAB activities at the WORLD ATM CONGRESS 2019


A first panel was dedicated to:
Fragmentation or Subsidiarity? A question that no-one is asking
The panel initiated a discussion on the question of how fragmentation within the aviation value chain impacts ATM operational performance. Starting with operational aspects, panellists widened the scope of debate to related areas such as system infrastructure/technology, governance and institutional responsibilities etc. Views were exchanged on the fragmentation of the aviation chain and its impact on the passenger experience.
(Panel members represented Network Manager, BALTIC FAB, BLUE MED FAB, FABCE, FABEC and DK/SE FAB).

A second panel looked at:
The capacity crisis – a single sector cause or are we missing other, significant factors?
The panel aimed to enrich the ongoing discussion on the capacity crisis by looking at the problem in a different way. It started from the viewpoints of passengers and public as they have appeared in the media over summer 2018. Based on this, panellists enhanced the scope of the discussion by including non ATM aviation-chain contributory factors along with elements beyond the industry’s control. They investigated whether we will need more and different data sets before we can deliver effective and holistic industry solutions.
(Panel members representing BALTIC FAB, BLUE MED FAB, DANUBE FAB, FABCE, FABEC, and the Network Manager).

The third interFAB panel debated on:
A FAB approach to SESAR – achieving genuine FAB participation in SESAR projects 
DANUBE FAB chose to focus the debate on achieving a genuine FAB participation in SESAR. The FAB representatives were also united in their desire to further develop the FAB concept, believing firmly that there is a place for FABs in the delivery of the future European Airspace architecture. A key factor limiting the evolution of the FABs is solving the issues around cross border liabilities, the FAB representatives were in general agreement that an update to the regulations would be of great assistance in resolving this issue. European Commission expressed confidence that a suitable solution could be found whilst the SESAR Deployment Manager noted the challenges faced by the FABs and provided firm support for the continued development of FABs. (Panel members representing BALTIC FAB, BLUE MED FAB, DANUBE FAB, FABCE, FABEC, European Commission and SESAR Deployment Manager). 

Last but not least, the closing contribution of the BLUE MED FAB was to the InterFAB Walking Tour which stopped at the Enav booth, where the benefits of Free Route implementation at FAB level were presented to a group of international experts from various organizations.

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Image: A moment of the INTERFAB walking tour
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