ANSPs IDP Implementation Project

The BLUE MED partner ANSPs DCAC, ENAV and MATS are participating to the EU Funding programme “ANSPs IDP Implementation Project”. This initiative represents the coordinated approach among the most important ANSPs in Europe, for the implementation of some Activities covered by the IDP (Interim Deployment Program). To this project are also participating the following ANSPs: DFS, DSNA, EANS, ENAIRE, FINAVIA, LGS, NATS, NAV Portugal, and INECO as project support.

The initiative is funded by the EU within the TEN-T framework and it aims at producing coordinated implementation activities for ATM (Air Traffic Management), with the engagement of the major Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) in Europe.

The success of the Project relies on the adherence to the requirements of the SES (Single European Sky) regulatory framework and to the improvement of network performances and Airspace Users benefits.

The Project aims at fostering the implementation of five out of the seven Activity Areas included in the IDP:

  • Activity Area 2 – Airspace Management improvements and data sharing
  • Activity Area 3 – Airport Collaborative Decision Making
  • Activity Area 4 – Air/Ground data link
  • Activity Area 5 – Automated assistance to controllers for seamless coordination transfer and dialogue
  • Activity Area 6 – RNP Approach

Within the identified Activity Areas, 11 ANSPs with the support of INECO are undertaking a number of Implementation Projects, collaborating and sharing knowledge, experience and best practices in the management of the several projects.

Following, there is a brief presentation and explanation of the five Activity Areas:

Activity Area 2 – Airspace Management improvements and data sharing:

Within this Activity, all actions are focused on the implementation of a number of advanced airspace management improvements and data sharing such as the rolling of ASM/ATFCM processes, or the design of Free Route Airspace (FRA), or the development of technical enablers for the Free Routing concept.

Activity Area 3 – Airport CDM:

Within this Activity, the monitoring of Airport CDM implementations, either at local level and network level, has been established, also to launch a standard set of activities which should be reiterated per each interested airport.

Activity Area 4 – Air/Ground data link:

Within this Activity, the aim is to rationalize the AGDL implementation approach, in line with the existing DLS Implementing Rules (29/2009).

Activity Area 5 - Automated assistance to controllers for seamless coordination transfer and dialogue:

Within this Activity, all actions are dedicated to the implementation of an automated assistance to controllers, in particular with the OLDI migration from X25 protocol to IP and the implementation of complementary OLDI messages.

Activity Area 6 – RNP approach:

Within this Activity, in order to comply with ICAO A37-11 Resolution, some Project Partners will plan the development of APV approaches based on GNSS sensors.

The “ANSPs TEN-T IDP Implementation Project” is shaping a first common working arrangement among the most important European ANSPs.

With this platform, the European and in particular the Mediterranean ATM system will be able to cope with the forthcoming air traffic demand in a safer manner, with a more cost-efficient way and with a reduced environmental footprint.

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