Fragmentation in Air Traffic and its Impact on ATM Performance Research Workshop


The BLUE MED FAB participation in the research workshop on “Fragmentation in ATM and its Impact on ATM Performance”, organized by two other European FABs in partnership with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) and the German Aviation Research Society (GARS), represents the culmination of the ever increasing engagement and contribution that the BLUE MED FAB is delivering at European level. The two-day event took place in Budapest on 14-15 May to examine the positive and negative effects of fragmentation on air traffic management. The workshop was divided in four panels addressing different aspects of fragmentation - plus a final ‘wrap-up’ panel composed of the moderators of the panels themselves. The topics under consideration covered fragmentation’s definition and perception, its relation to cost-efficiency, how it may be better shaped by modifying economic parameters such as charging zones and so on. Talking about FABs, even though it’s difficult to monetize their benefits, FABs are key enablers and facilitators in a long list of cooperation activities, according to the InterFAB Study on the ‘Added value of FABs’. This is a dense document co-authored by 5 FABs (https://www.inter-fab.eu/library/) and released in February, presented the first day of the workshop by Claudio Cannavicci (BLUE MED FAB Administrative Secretariat) as a valid response to fragmentation. The second day of the workshop saw the COO of ENAV Maurizio Paggetti, member of the ANSP Committee of the BLUE MED FAB, moderating the panel ‘Fragmentation in ATM: the Operational Aspect’, where panelists from the ANSPs Bulatsa, Croatia Control and HungaroControl provided insights about the relevance of fragmentation to the operational domain and how it may be addressed. All the moderators, afterwards, were part of the wrap-up of the workshop, which proved to be a good platform to bring together academics and stakeholders from all sectors of the aviation industry for the mutual exchange of ideas on fragmentation.
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Image: The COO of ENAV Maurizio Paggetti during his speech
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