The BLUE MED FAB Flight Efficiency Plan 2016 is out!


The second issue of the BLUE MED FAB Flight Efficiency Plan (FEP) has been released. Over the last year we have continued working on Flight Efficiency in order to maximize the improvements achieved mainly in the areas of en-route airspace design and Network availability.

With forecasts suggesting that, by the end of 2017, air traffic will record the same numbers as in 2009 – before the global economic crisis began – the BLUE MED FAB Member States have proved to be very far-sighted in the timing of national networks’ implementation and, consequently, of their integration in the European Network.
In this scenario, the implementation of Free Route airspace, that is the creation of an airspace where aircraft can freely plan flights optimizing their routings both horizontally and vertically, is the most important step that the BLUE MED FAB has taken in 2016. More direct routes and optimized flight profiles also mean a lower environmental impact thanks to reduced fuel consumption and consequent CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

The BLUE MED FAB Members consider Airspace Users’ involvement as fundamental to progress down this path and strongly wishes to pursue on a continuous basis this open process of consultation on Flight Efficiency.

Download the new BLUE MED FAB Flight Efficiency Plan here:


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