Greece GNSS procedures validation activities


In the framework of Greece validation activities, BLUEGNSS project has completed an important task for EGNOS adoption with the validation of GNSS approaches (based on EGNOS and GPS) over Ioannina and Kos airports in Greece at the end of August 2017. PBN procedures have been designed and validated by ENAV, in close collaboration and coordination with HCAA/HANSP staff.

The next steps are the preparation of the validation report and the deliverables that will enable HCAA, in the next months, the publication of such procedures into AIP-Greece. The project foreseen validation activities also for Mitilini and Thessaloniki airports, for which GNSS procedures have been already designed, are planned before the end of the 2017. GNSS procedures will be important enablers improving safety and operational targets for the airports.

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Greece GNSS procedures validation activities

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