BLUE MED FAB harmonised approach to Centralised Services

The Single European Sky (SES) initiative is aimed at creating a high performance European ATM system. As part of SES 2+ legislation development, there is increased focus on Member States from the Commission to unbundle “support services” and expose them to competition in order to achieve cost savings. At the same time EUROCONTROL has put forward to the European Commission a proposal for Centralised Services (CSs), defined and governed through an extension of the Network Manager governance structure.

The modernisation of ATM infrastructure is a key priority for the BLUE MED (BM) FAB Members. It will guarantee the operational performance improvements needed over the coming decades and the recognition of investments already in place. Operational Stakeholders must therefore take a key role in the ownership/management/governance of such Centralised Services and any future developments aimed at improving the functioning of the European ATM system.
In this regard, the BLUE MED Partners have established this working area in order to

  • achieve a common understanding of the concerned CSs;
  • consolidate a common technical view and position on the proposed services;
  • contribute to 2014 activities on the proposed CSs.
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